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10 Surprising Work-from-Home Jobs for Moms

You know how some people grow up knowing what they want to do from a very young age? Rather than dwell on how you're not with your child, think about how your role in the company is benefitting the family. Party Plans - Monthly Specials. Remember to eat well and get enough rest—simple things that even the smartest moms neglect. Garage Sales - Buy, Sell, or Trade.

Although there are work-from-home jobs in practically every industry, the top fields for flexible jobs are medical and health, HR and recruiting, computer and IT, and education and training, as well as accounting and finance, government, and travel and hospitality.

Home Based Business Ideas for Moms

Though both jobs require certifications, both are extremely flexible and offer competitive pay and benefits. A career in accounting is one of the most-stable careers you can have — which is a top consideration for working moms.

With accounting, you can work for yourself for example, preparing clients' taxes , work for a company, freelance or work part time. They can also specialize in weddings or other formal events, which typically pay higher rates than strictly working out of a salon.

If so, consider being a waitress or bartender, as both make money instantly in tips. Also, most restaurants are always in need of weekend servers, so you can plan on being home with your family during the week and pick up shifts on the weekends. Have serious organizational skills? Consider being a virtual assistant. Tasks can include sending emails, organizing travel and other administrative tasks for entrepreneurs and executives. Realtor or appraiser Real estate agents set their own schedule but typically must be available on nights and weekends.

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Having an idea for an online business is a wonderful thing. However, you then need to make sure that your site always continues to run well. This can be much easier said than done. is the number one resource for work at home moms. Find work at home jobs, information on how to start a home business, join the WAHM forum to share your stories on everything from childcare and parenting, to working at home. the online magazine for work-at-home moms. Here are my picks for the best home based business ideas for moms and dads who want to start home-based of home-based businesses will keep you working away from home just as much as any full-time job, but if you start one of these small businesses, you’ll be able to actually work at home rather than just using home as your home base.