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7 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home As A Marketer (Or Anything Else!)

Get the most important digital marketing news each day. Must-have apps for the Holidays. To be honest I was dreading the idea of working from home. While networking is a give-and-take endeavor, having a career mentor means having your own professional encourager and cheerleader. Use the unstructured time for light conversation. Photo of person getting motivated at work courtesy of Shutterstock.

You work from home. You're your own boss and you answer to no one but yourself. You're your own boss and you answer to no one but yourself. You may have worked years or even decades at a regular job, but now you get to .

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2. You’re Relying on Willpower

May 31,  · I'm not saying extroverts can't work from home, but you should know where you perform best and what your job demands before you invest in that home office. A sales rep, for example, might find working from . Stay Motivated and Be Productive While Working From Home As more and more people are working from home, either due to a change in their career path or because their company agreed for them to telecommute, or because they are self-employed, I often get asked how I stay motivated in a home-office environment. I've had the opportunity to work from home for two different kinds of managers: one who never checked in with me unless it was an emergency, never emailed, and honestly didn't care if you put in 2 or 10 hours of work when you worked from home.