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Basically you create websites that make money from either advertising, affiliate commission, or selling your own products. Be polite and contribute to discussions in a constructive manner, everyone benefits from this. Register for both now to start getting paid cash. Some companies charge for lists of jobs. I gave my boss an 8 month warning that I would be "retiring" and spent that time researching different career paths. Wantrepreneur Wednesday - Looking to ask a question a bit beyond the super basic but don't need a whole thread? Column Health - Arlington, Massachusetts.

Oct 06,  · I need to find a "real no BULLSHIT" work from home job that pays?Status: Resolved.

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My stepmother is in the process of publishing a book she has been writing for several years, and we are publishing on Amazon and Itunes. I would love to pick your brain about marketing.

The podcast I listened to that made me decide to start publishing on Amazon; I also recommend many other episodes of Pat Flynn's podcast, there are tons of great business and marketing tips, and a few successful self pubbed authors have been on his show: Another by Pat Flynn, go through the whole series: There was an AMA today from a very successful self published author who's well known on Reddit: And here's their book on how to make money writing erotica, which is basically the same process as writing and publishing any book: There are plenty of other AMA's from self published authors, as well as lots of random helpful posts, so I just recommend searching.

I recommend reading everything by Gary Vaynerchuk: Marketing Smarts Podcast is a great podcast to learn social media marketing: I also use SEO Book as my keyword research tool, it's free but you have to sign up for an account.

Write it down use Word or Scrivener, as Amazon's uploader only accepts. Make it pretty Edit to make it free of spelling errors, etc. Upload to Amazon sign up for an account at kdp.

Get critiques on this stuff at the above subreddits. Maybe you'll make a couple bucks, maybe you'll make thousands. Learn from your mistakes, make sure you're offering real value to your audience. The only way to make bank doing this is to do it all the time. Treat it like the job it is. Many self published on Amazon authors don't bother with marketing. They just sign up all their books for kindle unlimited which means you can't sell your books on other market places like Draft2Digital and Itunes, but some authors would say that the sales and borrows with kindle unlimited make up for that and let Amazon's ranking system take care of it, since they already know by researching keywords that many people are searching for a book like theirs.

However, many authors do have a mailing list, which you can make with Mail Chimp. Some also have websites and Twitter accounts to connect with their fans. That's how I run my business personally, I like to be very active on social media and I think it helps.

This is actually a really big deal that I don't think a lot of people consider. If you don't have any real concrete reason to be tied down to where you are then move to somewhere cheaper. Hot tip though - make sure you have enough money to get out of dodge locked away somewhere so you can always afford to get home, no matter what. You don't want to go broke in a place where the wages are so shit you have to work for 6 months to get home again.

I basically just build up tiny "information sites" such as http: Day-to-day, I'm just generally working on turning the trickle into a torrent. I guess this is a bit similar thinking to how people earn from blogging. I've worked in Web development and online marketing for years and it's never occurred to me to do something similar to this. Anything in the IT field could yield these results, albeit not managerial. I work in healthcare IT and have been telecommute for about a year now.

I live in MO. I do the same thing and live in AR, I wonder if we work for the same company I hate it though, unfortunately. If that sounds familiar, then it's possible. You can PM me if you'd like to not disclose it publicly.

If you really know ecommerce marketing affiliate, PPC, email marketing especially , it can be a significant income. That's a very high commission! What company do you promote? Can you PM if you don't want to share publicly. Referrers get a referral ID to easily track referrals, and any enrollment within six months gets credited to you.

I do graphic design and web development from home. There is a learning curve but anyone can learn it by taking tutorials.

Also sometimes I write articles, check out Yahoo Contributor network, Textbroker. There are dozens of others. It's amazing how many great tutorials and helpful people there are online, but I wouldn't say that anyone can be good at graphic design.

Learning it vs being good at it are two different things. Craigslist was my bloodline for my business. After getting a decent list of clients, repeat business and referrals were key. He is looking for answers that arent "Sell your body for sex" or "Sling rocks.

I would sell my body for sex if the money was good but I am a not too attractive man so that is out. Serious question, as an IT generalist that is transitioning into a developer position: How do you find clients? I'm not freelance these days, I am a director at a software company. I still do a lot of dev work, though, and I still work a lot from home -- 20 - 25 hours a week but I do find a lot of value being in the office these days.

When I was freelance and working at home and about town full time we didn't have an office for quite a while I started a company with four other people. Three of us were developers and two were in business development which meant they drummed up business. We also eventually had a small stable of junior devs and designers that we'd give tasks to.

Business dev brought in clients in a few different ways. In no particular order: They'd also follow up with inquiries from our website and social media very few clients came in this way.

They would get the clients and then act as analysts and bring us requirements or a rough sketch of requirements and a contact though devs would only contact when we had an agreement in hand -- we were not part of negotiations.

Sometimes we'd visit with clients face to face, too, but I personally avoided it as much as possible. I couldn't do their job sales and I really don't know how lone wolves do it, especially at first.

I don't know why more business minded wantrapreneurs I am not using this term in any way negatively -- we were all there at some point don't take this tack until they build up a good crew and hit on a product.

I'm currently a support engineer for a SaaS and my department treats wfh as the demon of all demons. That being said, weworkremotely. I made an online data science course and it has been pretty successful, but you gotta put in the hours. I actually posted this Medium story about it- check it out here.

I know many people who have done this over the years and made a good living. This is especially true if you have any sort of overseas manufacturing connects. I know of a lot, all having to do with the internet. Basically you create websites that make money from either advertising, affiliate commission, or selling your own products.

At first most will start as a hobby and then turn into a job. Blogging, when done right, can be a work from home job. At one point I made a good living doing niche websites from home. I didn't like that they didn't have much real value so I started a site about hockey something I love and have built it into a big brand in the hockey world. I'm in marketing and growth, I can easily do every single part of my job from home with no pants on.

I prefer to wear pants though. I run an online marketing agency - myself and a team of 9 others all work full time remote. Most don't but there are consolidated centers where hotels outsource revenue mamagement.

No part time positions. I found my work from home accounting position here. I'm an Army wife, so being able to use my master's degree and not job search every 3 years is just amazing. When you think of auto manufacturers, there could be 20, people in the company who spend money to make cars and only 1, who actually make money by selling the cars to the dealerships.

I work remotely and get franchisees to make sure they order the right product, have the right sales training, and help to ensure both my company and theirs are profitable. My wife is a travel agent and works out of the house. Before that she was a home health care nurse, who traveled to patients homes, but was based from home. Marketing consultant here, work from home but also own and am building an agency that is fully remote.

You would be very surprised at the wealth of remote jobs available. I have been working from home one way or another for over ten years now, I have been getting jobs from this site; http: Oh yea - non sales jobs, I hate sales, sorry.

I work from home. There are solid business opportunities online to get involved with. Here is a blog post that I put up a little while ago about some of the WHF businesses that I am involved with: Just browse thru this subreddit for all the e commerce and business ideas that float around.

Wow, huge list of responses. Here's another list of home business ideas. Best of luck wading through all this!!! As athletes and amateur photographers, my girlfriend and I are starting a race photography business. We live in South Florida where endurance sports are very big. Most of the time, it's not just blind greed. You can really get fucked on transcription, depending on where you do it from.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Entrepreneur submitted 3 years ago by iheartinfinity. Want to add to the discussion? Or is it sweatpants all the time? Except fix destroyed buildings when the cat hoarder breaks the lease and moves out? You couldn't pay me to do it. Ethically grey but can be good passive income School solver Insta edu chegg. They come to my studio in my home. I ran it as a free, invitation-only, highly exclusive discussion list for 7 years before monetizing.

Because of the amount of time I took to grow it, it became integrated into people's daily workflow. Being a member was considered an honor. Tie in Blockchain Notation for fun. Web Development obviously needs background QuickBooks manager for small businesses Manage gigs e. I know people who quite their jobs and do this full time now. This year increases with each passing one. That's totally not work from home. But work from home, no. I'll check that out after work. Do you need heavy coding skills?

You're not doing your username any justice. Thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad I could inspire you. What type of transaction work do you do? It seems like an interesting idea to me. It really is as straightforward as it sounds. If you have specific questions, I can answer them. Here are some subreddits with tons of info: But it all boils down to this: Provide Value teach someone something, entertain them, etc Step 2: Anyways I hope this thrown together guide helps!

Pm me and I can send you some links to things I found helpful! Not the usual over optimised BS either. What level of skill? The pricing and selling aspect confuses me. I work from home, or the coffee shop, or even the bar all of the time. I'm a serial wantrepreneur.

Thanks for the great story. Sounds like you had a good thing going for you. Looks like the domain name expired in February. Very little can't operate with a WFH team these days if you can keep it all organized. Do most hotels allow this to be a remote position? A lot of people suggesting non-sustainable options i. Both contracts should not appear unless we invite for both.

I noticed in my LinkedIn timeline that the two new employees…are connected with each other on LinkedIn. It is with great pleasure that I announce that [CEO] has been presented with the [name of corporate overlord] [name of bullshit award] in the past month. This is a great honor not only for [CEO] but for all of us here at [facility name]. Each year [corporate overlord] recognizes achievements of their facilities. At the presentation [CEO] was recognized for his leadership role in [this industry].

Please join me in congratulating [CEO] for his dedication and achievements. So, at the bottom of every email my boss ends me is his signature. At the very bottom of the signature, it says:. By achieving more he must mean that the employee spends his time back pedaling all of his bosses mistakes and errors? So, I had my annual evaluation yesterday. Well, every year without fail, they change my department around I work for a PR firm. I work for an ad agency a while ago which opened a new department who was tasked operating a new facet of our client relations.

The group was organized as such. Well after about a month of this the VP decided she has had enough and quits and then promptly goes on vacation. A day later the Director of Account manager also quits. So they say ok, and she is made Executive VP. Our company hired some consultants to review our accounting software and procedures. We would like to have a get together tomorrow at the Big Fat Greek Restaurant at


I’ve put together this guide on how to work from home to give you all the main tips that I’ve picked up over the years. It’s my hope that something here will help someone out there make a transition from a stressful job to one that they love. A “no-bullshit” guide to working from home? No matter your schedule or area of expertise, it’s possible to find a work-from-home job to suit your lifestyle. We’ll walk through some of the available jobs and point out NerdWallet Logo. No scams, no fees, no fraud! This huge list of real work from home jobs with no startup fees is the only list you’ll need for legit online jobs.