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As far as performing the actual job, I can not comment on that, because after going through training, I decided the job was not for me. Worst place to work. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They underpay most of the time and you don't get paid for the training like it says you will or "brainwashing" as I refer to it, or ALL of your time that you sit there waiting, talking and logging the call. When things get challenging, folks partner together to work on resolution options and implementation of resolve. Advice to Management Better Pay. Ensure that calls are processed in strict adherence to established policies, procedures, and quality standards, as well as any federal laws and regulations.

"I'm so fortunate to be able to work from home in this capacity" (in 37 reviews) "Paid training, Glassdoor has 3, Alorica reviews submitted anonymously by Alorica employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Alorica is right for you. Glassdoor/5(3K).

37 Employee Reviews

Its so nice talking to them. Cool laid back work enviroment. Working at alorica helped me improve many of my skills. Working there helped me get better at dealing with customers and to also deescalate and Handel situations on my own. Essential training and respecting each other despite the culture. Worst place to work. This is the worst place to work ever. The management do not care about their employees they only care about you collecting them money.

The salary is poor and they do not have over time so basically you are working slave wages. It is so disorganized and employees do not get trained properly. Look for another job because trust me you will hate it.

It was fun when I worked there though I only worked for 6 months just because of the management at that time. If the management was good enough to treat their employees fairly I would have stayed there for a long time. But again this is just based on my experience, it is still based on how you deal with your own issues in the company.

It's a fun place to be in. The company was great with it's employees. I learned to value teamwork. The management also gives it's best to make the workplace as enjoyable as it can be. I am good listener that is the core of my success in this profession. Alorica is a great place to work. I started working here is an agent and moved up the ranks to a supervisor position. The rewards and recognition are phenomenal plus you get to meet and work with some amazing people.

Work is fun no matter the stress of the job there is always something to laugh about. Your team managers will take you under their wing and teach you the necessary skills needed to thrive at your position. I highly recommend working for Alorica! Fun place to work. The Montreal site has come a long way and is constantly evolving and getting better and better. Salary is static and the company keeps seeking to pay less and less to have the same or more work done.

Communication is poor between some technical levels and departments. Take into consideration the needs and circumstances of full-time staff who have dedicated upwards of 4 years to the company. Offer incentives for performance and pay employees within the market rate bearing in mind that local competitors offer better compensation.

Increase the amount offered for tuition reimbursement to allow for staff to become certified and continue upgrading their skills. Stop employing technical staff who are young and inexperienced just to save a dollar whilst getting rid of those who have proven worth. The ability to work from home and make my own schedule has been the only advantage for me. Flexible hours Premium pay during busy seasons Great tech support Great agent support Wonderful coworkers I absolutely love this job.

I'm so fortunate to be able to work from home in this capacity. Random evaluations Unstable work requirements Work hours availability. Feedback isn't immediate or helpful, and is completely random. Hard to focus on one area of improvement when you don't know what feedback to expect or when it is coming. You get pinned for anything , training needs to be better.

Need better training and stop with the pins. Disorganized, lack of communication, low pay rate. You need to have better communication between the company and the employee! Does not pay correctly for training or hours dealing with their system issues. Ability to work from home and getting paid by the hour. Schedule is all over the place.

You have to stalk the timekeeping system for hours waiting to see when hours will be posted. Working from home is about the only pro, and even that starts to get old pretty fast. Required to engage in obnoxious and pushy sales tactics, not paid when their system malfunctions which happens a lot , don't pay anywhere near a living wage, company being sued for not paying employees for all their hours.

Also, they post available hours the day before and then send a threatening email that if you dont work the hours you will be disciplined and possibly terminated. Overall, probably the most piss-poor company I have ever worked for. They will exploit you for sure.

Considering they have a class action lawsuit against them right now, I'm pretty sure they know they suck. And considering they don't seem to be changing anything, my guess is that they are ruthless and could care less what anyone thinks about them, so long as they keep all their profits for themselves. There are two advantages to this position: Your work from home so you can stay in your jammies all day long if that's what you choose to do. Work time is available to schedule in 30 minute increments so it makes it easy to work around your schedule if you already have another job or if you have family obligations.

I don't even know where to start with the cons. First, their software constantly has glitches. During every shift I've had to log out and then log back in along with pretty much every agent who is working , which affects my schedule adherence and productivity. Even though Alorica's software is the cause, the team leads don't bother to make adjustments so the agents don't receive strikes against them.

Additionally, the majority of the team leads are very rude. When an agent reaches out to them for help, their answers are typically very short, they almost never ask what steps the agent has already taken to resolve the issue, and once the team leads give their answers, they completely shut down the chat conversation, leaving the agent to either have to wait in queue again to get an answer or try to figure it out for himself.

There are constant changes to work hours availability with very little to absolutely no prior notice of these changes. Agents are forced to work the times that they are provided or else not receive hours. So much for the freedom and flexibility that Alorica advertises for work at home agents.

The issues I've listed above aren't even close to all of the issue that work at home agents deal with, but honestly my hands are starting to cramp up from typing so much. If you're considering a job with Alorica as a work at home agent, you may want to think long and hard. First and foremost, treat your employees with respect. If it weren't for your agents who work so hard each and every day, the company wouldn't make the millions on top of millions of dollars it makes each year.

Second, invest in a sound software system that agents can be comfortable and confident with.

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7, reviews from Alorica employees about Alorica culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more.3/5(K). Alorica At Home Customer Service Representative Reviews. Updated April 11, 7 reviews. Filter. Work At Home Customer Service Representative in Atlanta, GA. So much for the freedom and flexibility that Alorica advertises for work at home agents/5(7). Alorica at Home is different from other work-at-home opportunities in that it is run as a business, employees are treated as professionals and support is available—the only difference between Alorica at Home and other successful businesses is that over half of its employees work from home.