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Work-At-Home Scam Involves Repackaging, Shipping To Russia

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Alternatively, some advanced con artists, knowing that people may be wise to the scam, will go so far as to send some equipment out. The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. But i been calling them and emailing them but no response. We talked with the Delaware Highway Patrol in that area and they confirm there's no warehouse or shipping company in that area, and no business by that name anywhere in the region.

Criminals post job announcements on Internet career sites offering work-at-home positions—sometimes advertised as “merchandising manager” or “package processing assistant.” Duties include receiving packages and mailing them to a foreign address on behalf of a client, using postage-paid mailing labels provided via email.

4 Scam Signals

I have even spoken to Scott twice during the last week. They told me I would be paid in a month trial period and then every two weeks after that. I have received 3 packages so far, all are being shipped in the US. Packages are coming to my address but different name on the box which makes me nervous. I did email the company today to inquire about this. Waiting on their replay. They have even asked that I pick up a few packages at a local Best Buy store.

I found this page and sent her the link. The twist on the scam was that they never actually sent me any packages. Looking up the physical address they gave, there is a genuine business there, but its line of commerce appears to be unrelated to the phony job offer.

I have an above-average I. This work from home job seemed too good to be true and I am so very thankful on coming across this website because I will no longer stay in contact with them. I did not send any information about myself other than my name and address. Is my identity still at risk? Dont fall for this scam they are using stolen credit cards and purchasing packages under your name with them. Do not send out anymore packages contact your police department and contact the companies the products were actually shipped from to return them.

The even target credit card holders in your area so it looks more legitmament. Do not continue contact with these poeple and take precautionary steps immedatly most likly you xould possibly be in alot of trouble and owe thousands to these credit card companys or your identity is stolen and the may have even open credit in your name because they took a loan out in my name… do not continue contact call police department and let them know youve bwen a victim of a reshipping scam.

I wish you the best of luck. Avoid this conpany at all cost. I received 2 package from them a drill nozzle and also exhaust mufflers. I ship them already. D and my mailing address. But i been calling them and emailing them but no response. I also reported them to the u. They did a phone interview with me and also emailed me the contract form. They call me to verify the tracking numbers and to deliver the package to the post office.

I check the product myself. Joe, I just got a job offer for the same company. Have you been paid yet, and if not, when do they say they will pay you? Got the first package yesterday. I got the same job as well.. I am worried that it might be a scam.. We should keep in touch and see what we should do about it.. Just found out that I was being scammed, turned in all packages that I had to local law enforcement, What do I do now?

So sorry you were being scammed, but you did the right thing by turning the packages in. Did they give you any instructions? This package scam has been around for at least the last 15 years. When my son was about 13 years old he met some guy on Yahoo messenger and this guy convinced him to do this package scam thing. He told him he was going to set him up in this little side business but also that my son could keep anything that he liked that came to the house.

This guy even sent UPS to my house to set up a shipping station! I didnt notice at first that we had a few packages come to the house because I worked full time and he got home before me so he would hide them. It only took a few times though before I caught on. This guy was doing this all over, using stolen credit cards, ordering out of magazines and off of websites and just sending things to people. I even went to the Post Master about all this. It took over 4 years for mail coming to this idiot to stop coming to my mailbox because by then he was getting magazines, bills, he was even invited to a political fundraiser!

My mom fell for this scam even after I interrogated her about the legitimacy of the shipping process. Apparently, the company that she worked for established a website that looked legitimate. The company claimed to pay monthly so my mom shipped packages for about four to six weeks and was not paid.

Additionally, she later found that the company used the personal information that she provided to open an account in her name.

I would avoid anything that sounds to good to be true or sounds senseless. If the job does not make financial sense, it is probably a scam. I definitely know what to look for as far as scams are concerned. Well for the most part that is true. But some jobs do require you to pay for training or a background check or something of that sort.

Arise is one of those companies that is legit, but you have to put a bunch of money up front. It is that up front cost that stops me from trying to work with them. Western Union and MoneyGram were designed to send money to friends and family, not to send money to strangers.

To be a forwarding agent or reshipper you must be bonded, insured and licensed to do so within the laws of your country, state, and county. If you have been asked through email or chat room correspondence or by telephone to reship merchandise to another country that was purchased in your country, you can bet that the merchandise was purchased with stolen credit cards. You are facilitating a crime, receiving and reshipping stolen property, and are at risk of arrest and conviction.

When the scamployer asks you to spend your own money on shipping costs, don't think for a minute that you will be reimbursed. When the scamployer provides a carrier account number, such as a FedEx account number, to cover mailing costs, the account number is one that has either been hijacked from a legitimate company usually a large corporation or one that has been paid for with stolen credit card information. Scammers never spend their own money if they can help it, and they certainly never spend their own money on any of their victims.

As a private individual, you cannot, cannot, cannot accept payments made to you personally that are in payment for products and services provided by another.

Unless you are a legally registered, licensed, and bonded payment processing company, you can ONLY accept money designated for another if you are depositing the money into a bank account in the company or individual's name for whom the funds are intended and whose signature cards are signed by that account holder. Only the account holder may remove funds from that account, not you. Payment processing companies exist all over the world. They accept money for credit card payments and money for products.

When making an online purchase or setting up a scheduled credit card payment, it is not unusual to receive an email notice that your credit card statement will list the deduction as a payment to XYZ company when you purchased a product from ABC company. However, those companies operate under the laws of their state and country, have strict internal controls, and understand the rules of compliance. If I buy something at Walmart, I have to pay Walmart; not you. If I am making an investment, the money must be deposited into an investment account, not your account.

If I am making a donation to a charity, the money must go to the charity, not to you, and you cannot legally issue me a tax deductible receipt for my contribution. Money wired into your account. Any bank anywhere in the world can wire money to any other bank in another part of the world with no problem.

Money wired bank-to-bank is the same as cash. Any money you receive by wire into your bank account or credit card account that pertains to your "job" has been stolen from another account holder whose bank account has been invaded by hackers or whose credit card information has been stolen either by hackers or by credit card thieves on the street. When the scamployer ask you to open an account at a specific bank, you can be certain that whatever funds you receive were illegally obtained from another account at the same bank.

Re-wiring money received by Western Union or MoneyGram. You have to ask yourself: No legitimate employer would ever ask an employee to wait for money to arrive at a Western Union or MoneyGram office and immediately wire it back out to an individual.

5 Common Fraudulent Offers

There is a work at home scam that's been floating around for years that I still see on occasion, and it's one of the worst -- the package shipping scam. Package Forwarding & Reshipping Job or Scam? So what is Package Forwarding or Re-shipping Work At Home Opportunity? Unfortunately, it's not working at home for UPS, FED EX, DHL or the USPS shipping packages. – Stay at home to receive packages sent to your address via UPS/Fedex/USPS during standard working hours . Want to work from home? Search with caution. we'll send you packages for you to ship to somebody else'," Robinson told WHNT News He says the company has victims all over the state. In fact.