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45 Business Ideas Perfect for the Work At Home Mom

Online Store Owner You may have dreamed of owning your own store when you were younger, only to find out later how difficult it is to actually run a brick and mortar store these days. Hmmmmm maybe I should fiddle with that till I figure something out. A local animal rescue center may need spare hands and the homeless shelter may need help serving food to the homeless. I had to google noodling!! It is always a good idea to develop multiple sources of income so that in case one dries up, others are still running and taking care of your financial upkeep.

These easy work-at-home job ideas will have you earning cash in no time. or has a hobby they enjoy," says Kimberly Customer service is the biggest work-at-home field, with companies.

Do you have a hobby?

Here are some great ideas for families. These activities are all kid-friendly! These are for people who love to get the blood pumping and their heart rate up.

Here are some great activities for the physically active:. Did you enjoy science in school? Do you like to explore and observe? If so, here are some hobby options for you:. Although titled "Hobbies for Men", these are hobbies that all can enjoy. Perfect for a man-cave, game room, and activities to do with friends.

Everyone could use a little extra dough. Some activities have the potential to help you earn some extra money on the side. Here are some options:. Collecting things can be a lifelong passion that can help to stimulate memories and remember and preserve the past. People who collect often have a strong attention to detail and an urge for completeness. Here are some good ideas of things to collect:.

Are you expecting or have you recently had children? Do you love crafting and art? Are you unable to leave the house for any reason? Do you just enjoy being at home? Whatever your reason, here are some great hobby ideas for the homebody and nester:. Are you a people-person? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you like activities that involve others? If you answered "yes" to any of the above, here are some ideas for you:. Music is a fundamental part of life.

Here are some great options for music lover and the musically talented:. We could all use a little less stress and a little more fun! Here are some hobbies for stress relief:. Some activities can only be done at certain times of the year.

Here are some that are good for various seasons:. Spend time, not money! Here are some activities you can do, even if you don't feel like spending a lot of cash. These are the things that give you the most "bang for your buck.

Maybe the best way to spend your time is to spend it helping other people. If you want your time to make a difference, consider the following options. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. So, i was finding hobby as a kid. And my parents wouldnt let me do things, example: They didnt even understands me: And nothing just match me. Just looking through the comments you could add "Getting insulated and outraged over blog posts" to the list. Don't like the way the blog is written or the suggestions within? Either STFU or write your own blog: I suggest you to do some meditation to release your anger and stress ;- God bless you.

Those jobs are skills and trades that most people that "get paid" go to school for. Just because you bought a camera doesn't mean you should post in a facebook group advertising yourself as a photographer. And I can promise that just because you own a copy of photoshop, you are no graphic designer.

That would be like me saying I should be able to be a doctor because I took a CNA course, watched house and know how to google.

Tons of people have skills that others don't. Putting in time at something is the same wether it's with a degree or not. Don't discourage if your not too insulted.

The section on volunteering can be greatly expanded. Whatever your interests and skills, there's a place to blossom. Auditoriums use volunteer ushers; youth organizations, hospitals, state and local parks, museums, historical sites, libraries, even schools welcome volunteers to do all kinds of jobs.

I have been looking for a hobby for days and I just can't find one that would be suited just right for me! I already have many hobbies including multiple collections of coins, bouncing balls, and rocks. I do write my own stories when I have the inspiration and time.

I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I've really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write again soon! My favorite hobby is writing poems. I write poems every day. I send them to publisher in news papers and I read many poems at programme in our school stage programme.

At the some time I have drawing cartoon pictures. To print in our local news papers. Some of them were appreciated by people. So I keep up them.

I am a full time RVer I love my garden sitting outside and watching the hummingbirds. Enjoying the sunshine and taking walks with my husband every evening. Not a feminist but why say hobbies for men? I am more into those hobbies than my husband or his male friends or even my male friends. Or is this a hate post for the men whom may not enjoy these activities imasculating them? My love of music stopped in the nineties.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm probably either going with taxidermy, pottery, or sewing. Sad that women get all angry over a catagory title. Obviously its not for just men, just hobbies that men would most likely enjoy more then women.

Not once does it state that women cannot obtain the same hobby as a male. Im a woman and not once did i feel like i couldn't do one of the hobbies in the "male" section. You guys sound like whinny 12 year olds. This is a very thoughtful and helpful article. To all those dissing the article you should know that most men and women have different interests. You should be more flexible. This is a well thought out and comprehensive list and I will for sure be signposting clients here!

Well Diana, was it worth your energy to tell others not to use their energy. Must say this is a very good list and has given be some ideas. Wow, how this article was offensive in any way to women is beyond me. Chill out ladies, nobody is trying to offend you. Great job, I did love all the scrapbooking, painting and baking ideas, thank you!

It seems I am unable to respond to comments individually. A couple of commenters were offended by the subtitle of "Hobbies for Men". I want to acknowledge their feelings. I have left the subtitle 'as is' because my intent was for men to quickly find some hobbies that might appeal to them. If you see the "related content" on this site, you can find that there are many hobbies of articles written specifically about hobbies for women not by me.

The subtitle is really just for ease of reading for those who skim the article. That said, I will fully admit that the term "better suited for" preceding the hobbies in that section may have been a poor choice. I have adjusted this wording and hope it will be more pleasing to female readers who also enjoy those hobbies. Wow I guess I need to quit playing ping pong! I had no idea that was better suited for men, how silly of me to think a woman could play it!

Of course, I am obviously too small and frail to possibly hit a ball, and of course my aim would be totally off! Wow this is an awesome resource! I love the quiz and I'm definitely brewing up some new ideas for hobbies in the near future. If anyone is interested in remote control vehicles, this is a great website to check out:.

I know plenty of women including myself who participate in those hobbies, and let's face it--women are just as suited for them. Please don't make this about what is "better suited" for one sex over another. Find a new subtitle. A great list of hobby choices. There's something for everyone! Voted up and thanks for sharing! Really nice article and list of ideas. I took the quiz at the end of the piece and it was accurate -- it pegged me as an outdoor enthusiast.

I already do a couple of the hobbies suggested by the quiz like bird-watching and hiking , but I am thinking about taking up biking this spring. Nothing finer than a great list of hobbies to refer to any time I am bored with myself.

Some I never considered in a hobby category. Now I can go about having fun with them. A hobby can be just about anything I found out from this wonderful list. We all need something. Thats an amazing collection to choose from… And a person like me can go crazy over this… And right now learning guitar tops my list: I enjoyed reading this, especially the quiz at the end. I'm the Artist but I knew that already! I really enjoyed this read.

I recently took up fishing. I grew up doing it here and there with my dad, but I would like to get into tournament bass fishing. I have also meddled in wood-burning, and sports memorabilia collecting. Also, I am SO surprised by the poll.. What do you guys possibly do in your free time? I would imagine the word hobby just means something different to many people.

Apparently i am a history buff!! Thanks for the hub really enjoyed reading. I'm surprised by your poll I thought every person had at least one hobby. I don't think I could live without pursuing many of them. Even if I don't have time to do them all the time, it's great to have varying interests. I am an artist. Not that I didn't know this, but I enjoyed your hub tremendously just the same.

I think hobbies are important at all times of your life, but especially once the kids have left home. I loved your quiz.

It told me to take up art -- which I have already done. I have a wide range of hobbies and never run out of things to occupy my time. I have heard people say they have no hobbies and no interests. That is so sad. Well, to be honest, I can hardly imagine how its possible, but I guess we are all different. This is really helpful, because a lot of the thing on this page I never considered as hobbies.

Turns out I'm a lot more interesting than I thought I was! What a variety to choose from! I feel like this list could actually be a cure for boredom! Kim99, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss.

I do hope that you will be able to socialize as I am sure that it will be good to be around people. If you are interested in something in the athletic realm, you could look into joining a bowling or tennis table league where there is physical activity, but it is not too intense. If you are open to other social clubs, I would suggest bunco, book, or traveling clubs. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people.

If none of those ideas appeal to you, or if you are unsure of where to join one of those clubs, I'd recommend going to the site http: The last time I moved, I joined a book club and an activity club by using that website. It really helped me to meet new people with similar interests. I recently had major heart surgery and lost my 15 yr old son. I've returned to part time work because of health issues and I am now looking for a hobby or an interest that would be suitable for me.

I can still do many things but not extreme sport. Any ideas of what I could do? I like to socialise a lot, I don't like my own company too much. It takes some knowledge and skill, but the finally product is worth it. Think of all the great evenings you can have sharing your own wine. Hunting is something that men have done from the beginning of human history.

Lots of guys have memories of hunting with their dads or grandfathers. Always get the right tags and permission before you start hunting. The skills you need to survive in the wild are ones that men used to depend on to make it through the day. And think about it: Developing basic survival skills is an awesome way to get out in nature and be part of keeping those traditions alive for another generation.

Not to mention the fact that it can be a great date idea. Some people struggle to stick with a hobby because they want more from it than just the activity. Basically, they want hobbies that make money. Try a few of these and have a blast while making a little cash. Tell people what you think and get some money for it.

You may even get some free samples out of it. Blacksmithing is the ancient art of forging metal into a usable form. Modern-day blacksmiths still command a lot of respect , but mostly through producing custom metal pieces and fine art. The fact that blacksmithing is somewhat of a lost art makes it an even better hobby… because I can guarantee that very few men you know can create beautiful things out of metal with their bare hands. For the computer whizzes out there, programming is a fun way to code constructively , and for some extra income.

Real, classic men throughout history have been able to provide for loved ones with nothing but their hands. They could build cabins, furniture, wagons, etc. Home brewing is exactly what it sounds like: For those of us who actually enjoyed studying grammar in school, this is a great way to make money while getting some reading in. You probably think investing is way too complicated to be a hobby, right?

Just remember that learning how to invest is always a good idea. But being able to do it anyway makes it all the more impressive. You can rig your house up to do things like turn the lights on for you… and even build your own gadgets or robots. Plus… once you master coding those possibilities open up even more.

Another way to use your artistic skills and leave a permanent artistic mark on someone. You can make a surprisingly good amount of money coaching kids in a sport you love. Anyone can pick up a camera and start snapping photos. You can make objects like bowls, candlesticks, or decorative items. Stone working is the art of shaping stone with traditional hand tools. There are so many incredible things that you can make with those ancient stone working techniques.

You can make ornate stone art or tiles … Or even make decorative handles for tools. So much of the furniture we use these days is cheap and mass-produced. But check this out: Acting on the stage is a chance to get a sense of the thrill of performing. And you get to bond with a troupe of local actors. Use your hands, return the elegance to beautiful objects, then sell them on to new, appreciative owners at a nice profit. Blogging is a great way to start sharing your thoughts with the world.

It lets you engage with followers from around the world … and can even be a good way to make money. Making your own videos is a great way to spend some time with your friends. You can exercise you creative muscles and practice your acting chops at the same time. And the videos you make are a great way to capture memories for a lifetime. If you can create good enough content… you can totally turn film making into a career.

You can find antique coins or Civil War bullets. And tinkering with the detector gives you a new skill to learn. Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio show? All you have to do is record an episode and send it into iTunes. If you get enough listeners you can start advertising on your show for extra income. One of the best ways to keep a relationship strong is to find things you both like to do together.

A bow and arrows are very primal weapons. Archery fed families for centuries before we were able to walk into a store and buy food, or even use guns to hunt. Spending your time doing some good for the worl d is a great way to forge a stronger, more outwardly focused relationship.

Cooking is fun, simple to learn and instantly rewarding cooking means you get to eat, right? He only needs fresh ingredients, heat and utensils. Geocaching is an awesome way to spend a Saturday. You go online to a geocaching website and find GPS coordinates for a hidden cache. Then you use a map to find your way to that place and find the cache. Afterwards, you record your name in the cache… joining all the other people who found that cache.

You learn new cultures. You see new, incredible places and learn new skills there. Is there a more delicious way to spend time together? Just imagine how much fun the taste tests are. Either way, successful rafting requires timing, endurance and good communication with your fellow raft members. Ever harbor a dream of being an actor? Experience the thrill of the stage together while also making new friends and putting on a great show.

If you want to pick up rock climbing, I highly recommend you start at an indoor gym. Spend time with cute pets while also helping the animals that need it most. Just try not to adopt them all! Flying gets you places faster, gives you power over gravity, and lets you feel a powerful rush of adrenaline.

Becoming a pilot is relatively easy. A healthy, outdoors activity that lets you really get into nature while making you work as a team. Paintball is an awesome hobby because it lets you get the rush of going into a tactical battle without any of the danger. Get out your relationship aggressions by volleying back and forth.

Swimming is an incredible full body workout. The act of swimming laps is very meditative. And some time in the water is also a great way to just clear you head. Drones are becoming a really popular hobby. Not to mention… watching your drone flying around is fun by itself.

Find some great objects, do some repairs, and sell them on to happy customers. Some hobbies come with built in costs. Not everyone can afford to buy or rent equipment or pay membership fees, after all.

Keep yourself entertained on the cheap with one of these hobbies. Reading is a vastly underappreciated hobby for men. It allows your body to relax, but it exercises your mind. Best of all… reading is a completely free hobby that any man can pursue.

That means that if you travelled at the speed of light, it would take you 4. Allow yourself to get a little reflective about your life and experiences. All you need is a pen and a good notebook. And writing is one of the best ways to do that. You can create characters and stories. Or even build huge, original worlds. Whittling is a pretty easy hobby to start … you just need a block of wood basswood, balsa, and pine are good for beginners and a knife designed for whittling ….

Making a beautifully whittled sculpture takes a lot of practice, and even more patience. And learning about all the different species of animals is a great way to appreciate it. But not everyone takes the time to lend a hand to people in need. As well as a great way to remember what you have to be thankful for. We all want to know our histories and where we come from , so find out.

All you need is Google and a library card. Some sleight of hand magic skills are always a great thing to have in your back pocket. And any social situation is always improved when you can impress people with some fun tricks.

But practicing magic is also a lot easier than you think. Artistic and just a bit zany , once you have the paint, all you need is to find a few good rocks and let your creativity flow. And why not take it a step further and get involved?

You get to wear a cool historical uniform and hang out with other people with similar interests. And people in the same historical reenactment troops often end up developing life-long friendships. Either way… stand up comedy might be a great hobby for you. Performing at a comedy club is a great way to overcome any social anxieties you have or learn to be more confident. Card tricks are cool and impressive, and the total cost is a dollar for a pack of cards and a bit of your time.

Imagine sitting down at an Italian restaurant with a beautiful woman, and fluently ordering in Italian. And people do spend their time looking for them and finding them. All it takes is a little research and a willingness to take a little risk. While hiking the wild hills may sound great for some men, the rest of us just want a way to pass the time quietly indoors. For the non-mountain men among us, try some of these hobbies for your rainy day entertainment.

Never buy another bar again. No matter what your current skill level, pool is a fun, highly social hobby that any man can enjoy. You can actually smoke a lot of foods cheese, bacon, even fruit , but meat is the most common. You allow a hard wood like hickory or apple to slowly smolder and produce a lot of smoke in the enclosed space.

The Benefits of Having a Hobby

Mar 31,  · I need help finding a hobby because its hard for me, I found your ideas helpful but some are kinda expensive, I'm a home person but I like RC helicopters I hope u can post some idea for that if so tell me some good places to look, thank you for your helpReviews: Want to stay at home with your children AND work? Consider one of these 45 ideas that help you do both. Want to stay at home with your children AND work? Consider one of these 45 ideas that help you do both. Hobby-Related Business. You’ll normally be rewarded with a free feed and some birds to take home. Complete a list: Work through a list, I’ll add the best to the last three spots. Edit: Thanks guys for the great ideas. Keep them coming! absolutely love it. Guess I need hobby between near end of winter n before the fair begins cause I needs to fill.