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10 of the highest paying work-from-home jobs available

By Melissa Ezarik, Bankrate. Read this story on Bankrate. The app relies on your natural environment to display Pokemon characters and devices. You Need A Resume Overhaul. Visa is a global payments company headquartered in Foster City, California.

Aug 05,  · According to their analysis, below are the 10 highest paying telecommuting jobs. Also be sure to check out the top companies offering work-from-home opportunities and the .

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They encourage patients to discuss their problems in individual, family or group sessions, with treatment typically involving long-term commitment to multiple sessions. They handle general medical conditions, from colds to broken bones, and often see the same patients regularly for several years.

They may treat all members of a family. They can refer more complex conditions to specialists. These include ophthalmologists, who focus on vision and the eyes, urologists, who specialize in the urinary tract, dermatologists who handle skin conditions and pathologists, who detect diseases by using laboratory techniques on patient specimens.

They focus on the internal organs such as kidneys, liver and the digestive tract. They work primarily with adult patients and can act as general practitioners for that age group. Orthodontists are dental specialists who can straighten teeth through the use of braces or other appliances. They also handle conditions involving the teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth. They are both dentists and surgeons who operate on the mouth, jaws, teeth, gums, neck and head.

Some of their common procedures include removing impacted wisdom teeth and repairing a cleft palate. The former focus on conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth, while the latter handle conditions related to the female reproductive system and issues such as cervical cancer, hormonal disorders and menopause.

They can act as general practitioners or internists for women. They operate on patients to treat injuries, disease and deformities. With the help of a surgical team, they use their hands and various instruments to manipulate organs and structures within the body. Many companies are looking for sleep testers and sleep study participants. Looking for something a bit more challenging? Computer programming has been dubbed one of the highest paying, low-effort jobs for lazy people.

If sitting on the couch and playing video games is more your forte, consider a career as a video game tester. The pay might not be great, but the job is pretty much as cool as it sounds. Ranging from no-brainers to the bizarre, what follows is a list of jobs that pay well and require minimal effort.

Read on to see which ones fall within our top Apparently, there is a certain level of prestige attached to an event if a foreigner attends it.

Thanks to apps like Cuddlr and Cuddle Comfort think Tinder strictly for snuggle bunnies , careers in professional cuddling are on the rise.

Cuddling services are currently available in 16 states. As of now, no specific training or licensing is required for the position. All you need is a passion for spooning, squeezing and tickling complete strangers. There is such a high demand for English-speaking teachers in China that hiring standards are incredibly low.

Teachers are often hired, even without a relevant degree, certification or teaching experience, simply because they speak English. Foreign instructors make at least three times more than highly-educated local Chinese teachers working in the same schools. A professional sleep tester is quite literally a dream job.

As wacky as it sounds, the job is not as uncommon as you might think. A test sleeper might also be employed by a third party, such as a travel website. In that case, testers usually remain anonymous and won't let on that they are there to access the amenities. Afterwards, they review their experience at a particular hotel, taking things like comfort and cleanliness into consideration. Testers usually receive on-the-job training, typically at a brewery.

Video game testing is a pretty sweet gig, particularly for couch-potato champions. For the job, testers are essentially asked to try and break the game. Here is yet another job that allows you to get paid while you sleep. Medical facilities are constantly conducting sleep studies and seeking people to participate in them.


"While these jobs are, of course, at the high end of the salary spectrum, there are many opportunities out there for work-from-home jobs with competitive salaries that are very comparable to. FlexJobs came out with a list of some of the highest-paying jobs for those interested in working from their home. Here are 10 of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs according to FlexJobs. 10 of the highest paying work-from-home jobs available According to FlexJobs data, the average telecommuter is at least 46 years old and makes a higher salary than someone working in an office.