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Here's everything that works with Google Home and Home Mini

Say "Hey Google" or "Ok Google," then Prev Next Prev Next. Just hook it up with the Blossom Smart Sprinkler Controller, then tell the Google Assistant to turn your sprinklers on. Assign devices to a room To control your devices more easily, assign them to a room. Email address contains error s.

These are the coolest things you can do with Google Home To set this up, add your home and work locations inside of the Google Home app. You can also customize what you hear when asking.

Step 1: Set up smart home devices

The Google Home smart speaker can control all of it. Not to be left out, the Lowes' Iris smart-home platform supports Google Home voice controls, too. Consider Scout, an install-it-yourself smart security kit that you can arm with a quick voice command to your Google Home on your way out the door.

Then there's IFTTT, a free online automation service that lets you link devices and web services that don't normally work together.

You can even use IFTTT to craft your own custom voice commands that do just about anything you can think of. You can also use Google Home voice commands to control Belkin's line of WeMo gadgets, like this mini-size smart switch that turns your appliances on and off. Instead of using the app or pressing the button like a caveman, just tell the smart speaker to turn it on or off.

Same goes for WeMo's light switches, like this smart dimmer. The Google Assistant can turn it on and off, or dim it up and down. If you don't need your lights to dim, the standard WeMo Light Switch works with the Google Assistant, too, and costs a little less. If those last two aren't on sale, then consider your third Google-friendly option, the iDevices Switch. OK, we get it -- there are tons of smart switches that work with Google Home. But hey, this one's a great budget pick.

If you really want to get fancy, you could just swap your outlet out with this app-enabled iDevices Outlet. The Google Assistant can turn anything you plug into it on and off -- no extra plug-in gizmo needed! And hey, if you're swapping outlets out, why not upgrade your light switches, too?

Leviton is another smart switch manufacturer that's friendly with Google Home. No fingers necessary, friend -- just use your voice! If you'd rather automate a plug than hardwire a switch, Leviton makes one of those that works with Google Home, too.

Just tell the Google Assistant to turn anything you plug into it on or off -- lamp, space heater, desk fan, you name it. Or, get this lamp-specific dimmer model to dim your living room Tiffany lamp nice and low. We're seeing a growing number of large appliances hop on board with voice controls. For instance, this GE washer lets you start a cycle with a Google Home command. Aside from pinging your phone if your kid ever leaves the door open, you can ask the Google Assistant to adjust the temperature inside, or to tell you if the water filter needs replacing.

Google's smart speaker can even water your lawn for you. Just hook it up with the Blossom Smart Sprinkler Controller, then tell the Google Assistant to turn your sprinklers on.

Blossom isn't alone, here -- you can use the Google Home to control Rachio's smart sprinkler system, too. It's not like there's a Google Home speaker sticking out of the dashboard, but there might as well be -- select Chrysler models support spoken commands on the road via the Google Assistant. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. July 24, Caption: Google Chromecast Audio First up: Try purchasing it separately. Unfortunately, we couldn't add that to your cart. There are limits on how many you can buy.

Unfortunately, we allow only one Trade In per order. Please remove Trade In to add Pixel to your cart. Your order is still being processed. Check your Order history before placing another order. You are now on Google Store United States. Your cart has been cleared. We didn't recognize your address. Please make sure it is spelled correctly. Failed to email shipping label, Please try again later. If you no longer want to control your smart home devices using your Assistant, you can disconnect your account.

Here are a few specific things to note when setting up and using your Nest Thermostat on Google Home. Learn more about your Nest Thermostat. To try fixing the issue, rename your device. Read the tips below, then follow the steps to set a new nickname.

If you have questions about your Philips Hue bridge or need more help, contact Philips. Get an answer from an expert on the Google Home Help Forum. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Google Home Help forum Forum Contact us. Control smart home devices using Google Home You can control over 1, smart home devices including lights, switches, plugs, thermostats, and more using Google Home.

Open the Google Home app. In the top left corner of the Home screen, tap Menu. To switch accounts, click the triangle to the right of the account name. In the "Devices" tab, at the bottom right tap Add. Tap the type of device you want to connect, then follow the steps. When pairing is complete, tap Done. Set nicknames for devices You can choose names to call your smart home devices.

In the "Devices" tab, tap a device you want to rename. Assign devices to a room To control your devices more easily, assign them to a room. Add a room Open the Google Home app. In the "Rooms" tab, at the bottom right tap Add. From here you can either: Add a new room: Scroll down, then tap Custom room enter a room name ok.

To add a device to that room, tap the box next to the device name Done. You can add each device to only one room.

Streaming Music Services

Play audio from your phone to Google Home — Play audio from your phone to Google Home from + Chromecast-enabled audio apps or by playing your Android Audio. Turn TV on and off — You can turn your TV on and off using your voice and Google Home. Jul 24,  · With a built-in voice assistant, Google's Home and Home Mini smart speakers can each act as your secretary, music hub and smart-home controller. . Google Home is a powerful speaker and voice Assistant. Play your music. Call your friends. Ask it questions. Control your home. It's your own Google, always ready to help.