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The New Stay-at-Home Mom

Since my husband, Tony, works nights, he was often able to take the babies when I had phone interviews or pressing deadlines. In , an estimated , married fathers worked in the home as their children's primary caregivers while their wives worked outside the home to provide for the family. It must be nice. I currently earn more than my husband and have, at times, romanticized over him supporting us as the primary caretaker in our growing family. If you and your significant other disagree over whether you should stay home or work, Yasgoor recommends a six-month trial period followed by an evaluation to see how one option works for the family.

May 15,  · That means more fathers are opting to stay home with the kids. And I kind of felt like the bad mom moment. Like, he's got the Dad of the Year award, and I'm kind of sitting on the sidelines a.

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For others, the decision over who stays home with the kids is an economic one. Coontz points out that 28 percent of women now outearn their husbands , a trend driven by the fact that more women than men now earn college degrees.

We put out a Facebook query looking for breadwinner wives and stay-at-home fathers, and many of the hundreds who replied report being happy with their "role reversal. So what of that notion — that so heats up the blogosphere — that women are somehow better equipped to tend to hearth and home?

She says for years both men and women have been trained to fulfill certain, distinct roles and to explicitly not be responsible for others. Spotting dirt on the floor? Coontz says for generations, children have been conditioned early for their respective gender roles — boys, for example, have been discouraged when they express interest in cooking or dolls. We've done studies on that! So perhaps it's fitting to close with this reply to NPR's Facebook query on stay-at-home fathers.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. That means more fathers are opting to stay home with the kids. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. May 15, 5: Heard on Morning Edition. Jonathan is part of a growing number of fathers who stay at home full time while their wives financially support the family. The couple were both working full time when Jonathan lost his job as a graphic designer two years ago. Hide caption Initially Jonathan stayed at home with their eldest son Egan, now 5, to save money on child care.

To the couple's surprise, their household became a calmer, happier place, and they decided to extend the arrangement. Melissa Milkie, PhD, associate professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park, believes that many factors such as family demands, number of kids, age of the youngest child, and time constraints prevent many of today's mothers from entering or staying in the workforce even if they want to remain on the job.

On the other hand, Sylvia Allegretto, an economist for the Economic Policy Institute, says the recent dip in women's employment has more to do with the country's prolonged recovery from recession than with a change in women's work patterns.

She points out that labor participation rates have decreased for men as well. Men's employment rates have declined 2. Allegretto may have a point about the recession, says Cohen, but he's still not ruling out the possibility that women's work patterns have changed. Time will tell what has caused a decline in women's labor participation.

Until then, it appears that the dilemma of whether to stay at home, go back to work full time, or somewhere in between is a hot topic. If the release of books is any indication of the issue's popularity, in the last decade, dozens of books have been written on the subject of working and stay-at-home moms.

In the last year alone, at least six new titles on the subject have been published:. To help mothers decide what is best for them and their families, WebMD consulted with psychologists, sociologists, and authors. The experts share ideas on what to consider in determining career and family choices, and provide insight on how to live with your selection.

If you're a mother trying to decide whether to stay home, work full time, or work part time, here are six things to consider:. Whether you choose to stay at home, work full time, or work or part time, keep in mind that there's no such thing as perfect motherhood. You may end up making a choice that could prove to be difficult for the household.

For instance, if you choose to stay home or work part time, finances could be stretched thin. In such cases, experts advise being strong within yourself, remembering why your choice is the best for you and your family. Then think about how you can cope with the situation. On tight budgets, Morgan Steiner says families have sacrificed things like expensive extracurricular activities, camps, vacations, cars, and places to live.

Some people choose to move to neighborhoods with good public schools so they don't have to pay for private education. Others forgo the iPods, Xboxes, Game Boys, and other popular gadgets. The number of stay-at-home fathers in the past decade has doubled since the s to about , men, and that figure is expected to grow, especially as more wives take on the breadwinning role in their marriages and the cost of childcare holds intolerable for many families.

I currently earn more than my husband and have, at times, romanticized over him supporting us as the primary caretaker in our growing family.

And more dad involvement is never a bad thing. The stronger the relationship between father and child, the happier the family is, according to a joint study by Brigham Young University and Utah State University. On the other hand, though, quitting your job to be a stay-at-home parent carries a number of potential risks. And when that parent is dad, the drawbacks can, in at least one case, be graver.

Just as one might hesitate to advocate for women to leave the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom, a similar case can go for men. What happens if dad wants back into the workforce later on?

What happens if mom loses her job, faces a salary cut or is unable to work for a period of time due to an injury or other unexpected circumstance?

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As a stay-at-home dad married to a working mom, I often have a front row seat at the unfortunately titled “Mommy Wars.” Strangely, I feel . Don't Let Your Husband Be a Stay-At-Home Dad. Subscribe; women to leave the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom, a similar case can go for men. that one parent should stop working to. Every stay-at-home mom must establish a support network, 10 Ways to Smoothly Transition From Working Mom to Stay-at-Home Mom. Article. The Importance of Friendship to Stay-at-Home Moms. How to Know If You're Ready to Be a Stay-at-Home Dad. List. What Grandparents Should Remember About Parenting.